The Amourtec Consultancy Focused Services Corporation (ACFS Corporation), is the investment and coordinative company with its International office duly registered in South Africa and its Regional office in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. The Corporations business responsibility includes the overall strategic guidance, direction and support to the strategic business units as well as coordinating resource requirements of the Group operations
To be a Pan African and Globally recognized world-class, integrated, professional business consultancy service provider
To effectively, efficiently turn business contacts into integrated world-class consultancy service first and foremost in Africa
o We always are accountable to meet                customer needs and expectations.
o We maintain consistency in our business         relationship with all stakeholders.
o We remain focused on our responsibility        as corporate citizen.
o We conduct our business in a professional,    ethical, and honest manner.
o We attract, develop and empower our            employees to enable them to serve our valued customers.
ACFS Corporation has the resourcefulness, and the necessary ability and agility to harness the combined power of it's skilled, experienced people, financial resources, land, Infrastructure, technology expertise as per the business model described elsewhere in this site.
In additional; the Corporation's local and international partner network enable it to deliver a complete range of Consultancy Advisory Services across all sectors of the economy including:-
 Renewable Energy 
 Mining & Mining Development
 Information Communication  Technology
 Investor Relationship Management
 Project Management
 Enterprise Risk Management
 Insurance Portfolio Management
 Customer Relationship Management
 Strategic Business Management
 Community Social Investment
 Corporate Governance

Our business model is based on repeatability  applying the knowledge, skills, experience and the processes from one particular project to the other using business management best practice.
We leverage on the technical skills and expertise resident within our partner network as key resource in undertaking our strategic key activities in order to achieve our business value proposition
We strive to maximize value for our stakeholders through our understanding that:-
i. Value drives customer satisfaction
ii. Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty
iii. Customer loyalty drives profitability

The Corporation considers stakeholders, including business partners as customers and meets their expectations through customer first action plans.
o Carrying out prompt accurate information disclosure and adhering to high ethics and business values
o Contributing to economic development by creating and providing professional service and generating value
o Balancing greater speed of management action with strengthened internal controls and audit functions
o Ensuring promptness, transparency, and soundness of management business review and strategic plans
o Enhancing compliance, isolating anti-social forces, and improving Corporate Governance.


Shaping The Future Of Tomorrow.


"On a Global scale, the Executive Management Team for the Corporation boost a collective six decades of hands on experience in implementing strategic business management plans providing technology based business solutions that offer predictable Return-On-Investment (ROI) and efficiencies across a broad range of business functions and Industries”